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Kevin Deery

Born 1960, Liverpool, United Kingdom

"My sculptures, worked in various types of stone, represent both the human form and a distillation of the human form within the landscape. The transformation through carving and refining of a seemingly unforgiving material into beautifully fluid and flexible pieces is an ongoing challenge in my daily practice."

Kevin Deery is a British artist well known for his figurative and abstract stone sculptures. In a long career of stone carving spanning over twenty-five years, he has developed a deep artistry in creating sensual forms that echo nature's beauty. While Deery's love for stone carving occupies much of his time, he is also a painter and photographer. He lives and works in Devon, United Kingdom.

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Selected Exhibitions


1980 Plymouth College of Art, United Kingdom

2018 Summer Show Artmill Galleries, United Kingdom

2013 Delamore Arts 13, Delamore House and Gardens, United Kingdom

2012 Delamore Arts 12, Delamore House and Gardens, United Kingdom
2000 Barbican Gallery, solo show, United Kingdom

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