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HyangJong OH


Born 1964, Gwangju, South Korea

"I have always wanted to control clay. The more that I tried to control it though, the more difficult it became to handle. Then one day, I felt as if the clay was watching me as I worked. Now, whenever I create, I always ask the clay how it wants to be, and the clay in turn asks me what I want to make."

Hyangjong Oh is a South Korean ceramic artist with a profound mastery of clay, developed during a career that has spanned over 30 years. As one of the world's most renowned Onggi masters, Oh combines traditional Korean ceramic techniques with more contemporary explorations. Explorations that often go beyond the form itself and include installations and performance. Oh strives to maintain a meditative engagement in everything he does, be it making traditional moon jars or designing large scale installations. He lives and works in Hwasun, South Korea.

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​Recent Exhibitions



1984 Gwangju University, South Korea, Industrial Design
1989 Dankook University, South Korea, Ceramics MA

2018 Argillà Italia, International Ceramic Festival, Faenza

2018 National Folk Museum of Korea, Seoul

2017 British Ceramics Biennial, Stoke-on-Trent

2017 Design Museum Triennale, Milan

2017 Korean Craft and Design Foundation, Seoul

2017  Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, South Korea

2017 SASAMA International Cermic Art Festival, Shizuoka, Japan

2018 Argillà Italia, International Ceramic Festival, Faenza
2017 International Ceramics Workshop, Icheon, South Korea
2017 SASAMA International Cermic Art Festival, Shizuoka, Japan
2011 International Ceramics Festival, Aberystwyth Art Centre,Wales, UK
2009 International Ceramic Biennale, South Korea

2009 International Ceramic Exchange, Jilin College of Arts, China
2006 Mashiko International Ceramic Festival, Japan
2006 Wood
Fire Conference, Northern Arizona, USA

2005 Guest artist, Utah State University, USA

2004 Wood Fire Conference, Iowa, USA

2001 American Onggi Tour (SUNY New Paltz, Alfred University,

Western Illinois University, University of Iowa, California State University) 


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