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MARK FIRTH: Selected Works 2009 - 2017

12 - 16 September 2018

Herrick Gallery, 93 Piccadilly, London W1J 7NQ

Gallery opening times: 11am-7pm daily


CrimsonEarth presents a selection of Mark Firth’s recent sculptures, bringing together works that are instantly recognisable as quintessentially Firth, together with the artist’s more recent explorations into new forms. Featuring 38 artworks, the exhibition pays tribute to Firth’s unwavering energy and artistry as one of the UK’s pre-eminent sculptors.


Mark Firth (b. 1952, United Kingdom) principally uses aluminium and steel for his creations. During a career that has spanned nearly four decades, Firth has become a master at manipulating solid billets of metal with great geometric precision. He does not use computers for any part of the creative process and relies entirely on traditional hand-operated machines. Firth's sculptures have been exhibited all over the world including at the Guggenheim in Venice. He lives and works in London.


In Firth’s words: “From an early engagement with the ideas of science, my work has evolved through an exploration of the simple orthogonal and rotational operations of precision engineering, to my current daily conversations with order and measure on the machines in my workshop. This process animates, in thousandths of an inch, the brightly reflective parent metal, while the subsequent use of acids to corrode and patinate selected surfaces produces other material associations.”

For more information, images and interviews, please contact: Harsha Perera |

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