Juree kim


Born 1980, Masan, South Korea

"I am very interested in impermanence and the changing nature of our environment, both in its natural form and in the urban settings surrounding us. My work uses time-based installations to reflect the many scenes of our daily lives and how they interact with an ever changing world. Clay, soil, water, light, nature and the urban environment are all elements that feature in my work."

Juree Kim is a South Korean artist who has developed a mastery of clay sculpture over a 15 year career. She is internationally known for her Architectural Series where she uses water to artificially dissolve clay houses — a metaphor for time and the transience of the physical world. Kim also produces mixed media installations aimed to provide a multi-sensory experience. Her work has been exhibited all over the world including at London's Victoria and Albert Museum, where it is now part of V&A's collection. Kim lives and works in Seoul.

Hwigyeong 70 x 70 x 36 cm
Hwigyeong Landscape
Qing Dynasty 190 x 100 x 40 cm
Hwigyeong Landscape II
A Moment in Time 40 x 80 x 60cm
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