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Our Story

CrimsonEarth is a contemporary art gallery and art dealership based in London, Frankfurt and Seoul. CrimsonEarth focuses on three-dimensional works of art and sculpture that are created using materials drawn from the earth, such as clay, metal, wood and stone.
CrimsonEarth was founded by Harsha Perera, working closely with long-time friend Philipp Keller. Harsha and Philipp are lovers of art and art collectors. And, it is out of this passion that the idea of CrimsonEarth was born. Harsha and Philipp formed their friendship during decade long careers in merchant banking and investing. Their meetings were never about finance and almost always about art. That was the beginning.
Now, Harsha and Philipp use CrimsonEarth as an international platform to showcase contemporary artists and sculptors from all over the world. All CrimsonEarth artists both design and create their sculptures themselves, displaying extraordinary skill in transforming raw base materials into beautiful works of art.
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